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On-Site Accounting Assistance

First Act brings professional accounting services to your door with on-site assistance.

Whether you work out of a home office, a strip center or a high-rise office tower, our on-site services offer you convenience while allowing us to make the best recommendations for you based on a first-hand look at your work station and technology.

Because we understand that managing a business is challenging enough without extra demands on your time, our on-site accounting assistance minimizes the time away from your place of business. In fact, First Act prefers to come to you, at least initially, to be able to best analyze your work flow using our hands-on approach. We believe there is no better way to empower you with the tools you need to succeed than to view your operations in a live setting and determine how to best streamline accounting functionality.

And while we are happy to provide on-site assistance anytime you request, once we complete our initial visit we can typically access your files remotely to give you the choice of on- or off-site support.

Benefits of First Act On-Site Accounting Assistance

  • Greater convenience
  • Meeting where your accounting records and file are located
  • Time-savings
  • In-person assessment of your work station and technology
  • Faster set-up
  • Flexible scheduling options including evenings
  • Choose from on-site or remote support