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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bringing Forth Your Inner Yoda: Lessons in Mentoring

In the modern working world, employees are expected to do more, sooner, and with less resources.  That’s why having a mentor, someone to offer guidance and advice, is essential to career success. Personally, I know the professional milestones I have achieved are due in no small part to the encouragement…  
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6 Accounting Terms You Must Know

Learn the basics of “Accountant-ease!” when you familiarize yourself with these 6 key terms: 1. Accounts Payable=(A/P). Everything that you owe. 2. Accounts Receivable=(A/R). Income not received yet. 3. Accrual Basis. An accounting method that records income as it is invoiced. 4. Cash Basis. An accounting method that records income…  
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