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5 Morning Activities to Get You Up and Moving Faster

Happy New Year Clients and Friends! What’s the start of a New Year for if not new hopes, goals and aspirations? No matter what is going in our lives, there is always a way to make things even better. With that in mind, I wanted to share some thoughts from…  
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On Giving Back

As we approach the holiday season, it seems appropriate to talk about an area I am very passionate about – giving back.  In networking with other business owners, I find that one of the biggest areas we all struggle with is having enough time to “get it all done”.  I…  
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No-Cost Ways to Save Money on Energy

These simple steps don’t cost a thing, but could save you 10-25% on your energy bill. Keep the thermostat at 78-80 degrees when people are in the building, 85 degrees at night and on weekends during the cooling season. In the heating season, keep the temperature at 68 degrees when…  
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Bringing Forth Your Inner Yoda: Lessons in Mentoring

In the modern working world, employees are expected to do more, sooner, and with less resources.  That’s why having a mentor, someone to offer guidance and advice, is essential to career success. Personally, I know the professional milestones I have achieved are due in no small part to the encouragement…  
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6 Accounting Terms You Must Know

Learn the basics of “Accountant-ease!” when you familiarize yourself with these 6 key terms: 1. Accounts Payable=(A/P). Everything that you owe. 2. Accounts Receivable=(A/R). Income not received yet. 3. Accrual Basis. An accounting method that records income as it is invoiced. 4. Cash Basis. An accounting method that records income…  
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Understanding Minimum Wage and How it Affects the Hiring Process

Minimum wage is a hotly-contested topic among small business owners in the US. Some are strongly opposed to raising the minimum wage while others are overwhelmingly in favor of it. To really understand how—or whether–it affects hiring, let’s take a closer look at the two conflicting theories: Theory #1: Basic economic…  
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Networking: The Most Important Aspect of Any Successful Small Business

Many small businesses start out strong, then lose momentum. The businesses that remain successful can attribute a large part of their success to networking. First Act Accounting owner Dawn, who just celebrated her 5th year in business, is a strong believer in the power of making valuable, long-lasting connections to…  
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A Look Back: Celebrating 5 Years in Business

To commemorate First Act Accounting’s 5th business anniversary on May 25, 2014, we thought it would be appropriate to take a little time to reminisce about our early years and all the amazing events that occurred. A Trip Down Memory Lane: May 25, 2009  First Act Accounting opened the “doors” with…  
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Did You Remember to File Your Business Personal Property Tax Return?

Drowning in tax forms and deadlines? There’s one more you need to be sure to get in by April 15: your Business Personal Property Tax Return. In Maryland there is a tax on business-owned personal property which is imposed and collected by the local government. With less than a month…  
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First Act’s Dawn Regner Recognized as an NAPW 2013/2014 Professional Woman of the Year

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), an exclusive network for professional women to interact, exchange ideas, educate and empower one another, recently welcomed First Act Accounting owner Dawn Regner as the newest member of the Havre De Grace Chapter of the NAPW. In addition to being accepted as a…  
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